Bio Protect 2 against dieselbugs. Try also Diesel Lub-Improver.

Production and sale of Bio Protect 2, the best against diesel contamination. Prices from 20 Euros per liter. Preventive dosage rate; 1:5000.
Used worldwide, also offshore.
Maritim Consultants AS is specialized in finding and fighting microorganisms in diesel, also called diesel bugs.
We use several test methodes to find diesel bugs. Dipstick is the most common. This is a rough test and will give you a good indication of you diesel bugs problems. If you need an accurate description of the diesel bugs present in your tank, ATP-test is the best.

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We see that the issue around Diesel bacteria is growing and we recommend using Bio Protect 2 prevention in all diesel to avoid diesel contamination and other diesel problems. Bio Protect 2 has proven very effective against Diesel bacteria and is approved as offshore chemicals. In addition to oil platforms and offshore ship Bio Protect 2 is used by the military, private boaters, cars, buses and other vehicles with diesel. It is important to know that all diesel is exposed to diesel problems, but the problem can be prevented. If you choose not to use preventive dosage of Bio Protect 2 or Bugs Protect, regularly testing with dipstick self-test is essential to control the bacterial growth and avoid diesel problems. For smaller vehicles try our new mixed product called Bugs Protect. The product is a low-cost product sold in 250ml bottles. 1 bottle is enough protection for a tank up to 100 litters. Fill up and throw the bottle. If the tank has bacterial activity you need double dosage. Bugs Protect kills bacteria, avoid diesel contamination and increases engine performance, remove condensation, prevents waxing, corrosion, filter plugging. Increases engine life.
Maritim Consultants AS has 25 years experience with Diesel bacteria, also called diesel bugs. We give advice around the issue diesel problems and produce Bio Protect 2 to kill or prevent against Diesel bacteria. Bio Protect 2 has proven very effective in combating Diesel bacteria and the product is approved as offshore chemicals. Not hazardous, not transport dangerous and can be shipped by air all over the world. We analyse your diesel in minutes.

Try also Diesel Lub Improver

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Dealers needed for our products against dieselbugs and dry diesel. Contact Maritim Consultants AS for more information and dealer prices.
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Diesel contamination
The problem with diesel contamination often cause engine breakdown. helps you find your solution to the problems with diesel contamination. From this page you can order Bio Protect 2 and other products to test and avoid diesel problems.

Dipstick expire date is now: 2019-02-01
If you order dipstick today this will be the expiration date. Continuously updated.

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